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Russian Academy of Music was established in West Los Angeles by concert pianist, laureate of International piano competitions, Dr. Natalia Kartashova.

winner again!!!

Congratulations To Mia! As a winner of International piano competition she is going to perform in Carnegie Hall, NY. This talented young lady had her debut in Carnegie at the…

Winner again!

Congrats to Isabel Pang, she got awarded 3 d place and will perform in Carnegie hall! congratulations to the whole family, i am very proud and happy for you!🥳👏🏻🎉

New winner!!!

Congrats to Angie Hu! Hard work always pays off and now, as a result  Angie will go to New York to perform in a legendary Carnegie hall! Congratulations to the…


Congrats to our 7 y.o. Bethany on being awarded 2 nd place in American Protege international competition and performance in Carnegie Hall! It was the very first iano competition for…

Carnegie hall debut for Ethan!

Congratulations to 7 yo student of mine- Ethan Lu! As a winner of American Protege international competition he is invited to perform in a legendary Carnegie Hall!!! great job! Very…

What is sight reading

Reading notes and finding them on the keyboard quickly, following the rhythms indicated in the score, pedaling, rests, slurs and many other details usually creating great discomfort for beginners while…

Great news!

Great news again! Michelle got awarded 2 nd place in the category under 17 in the American Protege International competition and is invited to her debut in CARNEGIE HALL!!!! i…

Congrats to our dear Sara, whose hard work, dedication, talent and love for music just opened the doors of the legendary Carnegie Hall!! Her debut as a winner of International…

Happy and honored to be rewarded by another international competition, where my students got all gold and silver prizes. The most exciting part of teaching is to observe how my…

Did you know?

John Coltrane Draws a Picture Illustrating the Mathematics of Music The “Coltrane Circle,” which resembles what any musician will recognize as the “Circle of Fifths,” but incorporates Coltrane’s own innovations.…

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