Ergonomic piano

Architect Rafael Viñoly and master piano maker Chris Maene have developed the Maene-Viñoly Concert Grand – a unique 21st Century evolution of the grand piano. The instrument’s curved ergonomic keyboard matches the natural sweep of a pianist’s arms rotating from the shoulders and facilitates effortless playing across all registers.

The keyboard’s radial arrangement is extended to strings that fan out over a much larger soundboard augmenting the instrument’s capacity for nuance, clarity, and power. With over seven octaves, the keyboard of a modern acoustic piano is almost twice as long. The length makes it impossible to play its highest and lowest registers in the same neutral posture as when playing the middle registers directly in front of the pianist.

Playing near the ends of the keyboard forces a slight physical contortion that engages more muscles, requires extra effort, and can lead to repetitive stress injuries.

The logical way to relieve this condition is by introducing a gently curved keyboard that matches the arc traced by a player’s arms rotating from the shoulders. This is the configuration of the Maene-Viñoly piano.

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