Women composers. Clara Shumann

Clara Schumann

The wife of Robert Schumann was herself an outstanding, well-known composer. In the light of the biographies of Cassia and Hildegard, it is probably not surprising that Clara was born into the family of a theologian; her father was also a cantor(a singer in the temple). Her mother was a concert pianist. Her parents got divorced when Clara was five. According to the custom of that time, Clara and her brothers stayed with their father,who groomed her for a career as a concert pianist. From the age of eleven, she already performed in front of the public, at first for free. Over time, as the level of her performances has seriously increased, her father had  started selling tickets to her concerts and begun organizing tours. As a pianist, Clara was so good that Paganini himself offered her to collaborate.

Her husband,Robert Schumann was a talented musician and composer, but studied law and only being 20 obtained the mother’s blessing to fully dedicate himself to music.Clara’s father, Friedrich Wieck was his music teacher.

The Schumanns had eight children, and up to today Clara’s works are performed all over the world.

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