Russia- Ukraine thoughts.

… and the picture shows the way it is supposed to be…

Today, after days of shock and disbelief, I finally can express my position regarding the war that involved 2 of my beloved countries: Russia and Ukraine.

As a classical pianist I embrace beauty and seek to share with my audience and students those powerful feelings,

thoughts and emotions that are capable to replace any words and to be understood by all nations all over the globe.

Music is my way to understand and relate to this world,
and i always stood out of complicated political games,
but to witness the tragedy that is happening today
on the land where I spent every summer of my childhood and youth…
To hear that Russia, honorable country who raised greatest minds,
filled with highly intellectual and exceptionally talented people…
My homeland, that knows all horrors the war brings
is invading her sister – country Ukraine -.
¡It is devastating to the point of physical pain!

My grandparents lived and are buried in Ukraine,
my wonderful friends from Western Ukraine, who are called nazi today,
never were bothered by me being Russian,
nor for living in St- Petersburg and Moscow,
nor for speaking Russian with them.
As of today, my best friends, hiding in bomb shelters,
crying and trying to protect their children
don’t blame Russian people,
only the leaders of Russian Federation who made this inhumane decision.
Seeing Kiev in this horrible condition,
being there many times for concerts and competitions,
remembering the hospitality and support
of each and every Ukrainian citizen…
I feel speechless and helpless.
My child, who I teach Russian
and to whom i describe Russia as a greatest country
with patriotic, honest, smart, kind, talented, devoted and spiritual people,
now might never want to even visit and see it for herself.
This war eliminated majority of amazing things associated with Russia for many generations after us.
From multiple conversations with my friends i hear that ” Nobody asked us, and nobody wanted it”.
How in 21st century and at the level of evolution we have reached by now, the war is even an option?
How many lives must be sacrificed before the end of this horror?
I hear about fake news and fabricated pictures, but what I see from my friends who are actually in Ukraine, does not support that information.
I hope with all my heart that God will give wisdom to those who can stop this madness to do so as soon as possible.
Ukrainians who suffer now and Russians who suffer being sent to fight, not even knowing where they are going,
the ones who feel guilty, betrayed, ashamed and helpless, you are in my prayers…
… and the picture shows the way it is supposed to be…
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