Who needs music?

Have you ever thought what is it in music that claims to make life enriched, meaningful and emotionally charged?

Do people need music? Not in the sense that they need to sleep, have food or being healthy, but somehow it is required in terms of life quality. Can you imagine a world without music? -no songs to sing, no background for your daily exercise, no music to listen to, movies without any soundtrack…

Definitely, musical sounds play significant role in human expression and feelings.   Music exists everywhere throughout the world, it differs from place to place and it varies in its uses within the same culture and society.

There are different types of music and uses for it- to cheer up the crowd at a sport game, to express love, emphasize dramatic moment in a movie, provide sonic background and also, there is a type of music people choose to listen carefully to for their intellectual and spiritual satisfaction it provides.

Such type of music is referred to as “art music”or “concert music”, or by most people, as “classical music”. This type of music with exceptional qualities, people find psychologically rewarding. Actually, the word “art” describes objects that are created with skill and devotion. Frequently, we hear the words “fine” and “art” together, to distinguish between objects that can be made by most people, and those that demand exceptional skills, effort and talent.

Why is it considered culturally so important? Colleges and universities will include courses on classical music even though, no classical performer or composer makes millions of dollars and is never given the level of public attention in the media like some popular musicians do… What keeps it alive for centuries?

I guess it comes down to the difference between ordinary and extraordinary things. 

Classical ” hits” exist for centuries and are psychologically meaningful because of its extraordinary quality, but  understanding those qualities and appreciating classical music, because of the substance and depth, requires skills- hearing, thinking; analytical skills that I would be happy to help you gaining step by step, which will lead you to deep appreciation for this form of art.


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